Sunday, 14 October 2007

Raymond Gems Adrian Porcupencil!

If you didn't already know we have just released Series 4 of the Speakerdog Paper Toys. This ace design was created by Raymond Gems Adrian, It is well and truly going to find a place on my desk for one very special HB! Check out the other amazing designs by artists Adolfo Serra, Aybs, Castleforte, Cherdpong Sikkhajareon, Chocolate Log, David Huyck, Dundoland, Emily Glaubinger, Fixeuno, Grapheart, Jawa, Joe Scarano, Kenn Munk, Marshall Alexander, Mephisto Jones, Mike Stoneroad, Phil Corbett, Rawlyn Farley, Raymond Gems Adrian, Shin Tanaka, Tommy FFF and Tubbypaws here.

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