Monday, 15 October 2007

The Team Colours Kick Off!

Woohoo! Today marks the day when we officially launch the Team Colours!

Having worked with an abundance of great artists on the Speakerdog Paper Toys, Ben and I found that there were some very special people we shared a love with, the love of colour! So... we formed a team, The Team Colours!

A very exciting collective of Six colour-loving artists that play nice with colour!

Ben the Illustrator, Drunk Park, Emily Glaubinger, Lorin Brown, Meni Tzima and Project Detonate will be producing sets of prints and products for your enjoyment, spreading colour around the world, exhibiting, inhabiting and incubating colour!

To mark the launch of The Team Colours, each artist has produced a print for a set entitled 'Team' (pictured above and shown in their full glory here!)

Check out The Team Colours Website, Blog and Store!

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