Thursday, 5 June 2008

Happy Reading!

I had the pleasure of sitting down to a cup of tea and a happy browse through Anorak, a wonderful publication printed 4 times per year and dedicated to boys and girls aged 5-9. Covering all sorts of fun and interesting topics, aiming to encourage the little tykes to make their own decisions and give them a medium to amplify their voices. It's full o' fresh illustrations by contemporary artists making it an incredibly visually stimulating magazine and I'm sure I even learnt something new even though I'm just slightly out of the age bracket!

The world needs more of these types of publications: fresh, inspiring and optimistic, hear hear!

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Thea Schultheiss said...

I am loving your blog Fi... I came across you through Ben's Bigcartel shop - stunning work!

Anyway, I have written about you guys on my blog because I think your sites deserve a visit : )