Thursday, 19 February 2009

The More I See, The More I Like

When we were in Paris a few months back, we were super keen to visit the well acclaimed design store, Colette.  When we finally arrived at where the store should have been, a gentleman handed us a flyer re-directing us to their tiny little make-shift store around the block whilst they renovated the store to make it even bigger and better!  Disappointed that we'd miss out on having a good old oooh and aahhh at what was in store, we were, however very impressed by the fresh, clean and slightly tongue-in-cheek stylings of all of their signage and flyers.  Little did I know then, that they were in fact penned by none other than the illustrious designer Anthony Burrill.  Much more recently I have become quite the fan of his clean and clever graphical style.  Now living and working out of The Isle of Oxney, Kent, he has designed campaigns for London Underground, Playstation and online work for Kraftwerk.  He also created the BUPA advertising campaigns which I have to say is one ad campaign that I find very inspiring.  Anthony's work is also currently available for purchase at Concrete Hermit.  

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