Friday, 12 June 2009

Listen to Something Rootsy!

I stumbled across these beautiful, simplistic Magno Wooden Radio's while flicking through an interiors magazine.  I immediately fell in love with the natural tones and curves and just like the bamboo bike I previously posted about,  I adore the use of natural elements with a technological product.  We are so used to seeing radios/sound systems looking very high tech, cold, plastic, stainless it was very refreshing to see one in such an organic form, in fact it has re-sparked my love of handmade products, not in a crafty way, but to see beautifully hand-crafted items, that have had love, attention and pure skill poured into them is a real honour.   Each Magno radio is made by hand as a single piece and takes 16 hours to make, ecologically and in a social fair manner. The Magno radio combines the most current mp3 player compatible electronics with sustainably grown woods.  I was happy to hear that it has won the British Design Award for 2009, well deserved I say. 

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