Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wheely Nice Bamboo!

Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, better known for his groundbreaking design work for Sony Walkman and Apple iMac, let his creative brilliance loose with this innovative bike design "Bamboo" created exclusively for Biomega.  Bamboo growth is fast and prolific and apparently tougher than steel when used correctly and the combination of cold hard steel and natural radiant bamboo creates a really beautiful design aesthetic.  I was really inspired by Biomega's philosophy of wanting to create the ideal city, clean, peaceful, stunning. A more pure environment where we are more in tune with the natural world.  It's this dream that drives them to create their urban-landscape-changing bikes.  Biomega's range include other superb designs by designers of the likes of Marc Newson and Karim Rashid, but I think this particular design by Ross really encapsulates their design ethics.

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