Thursday, 15 October 2009

We Need Change!

So, Today (Thursday 15 Oct) is Blog Action Day! It is a day when the world's blogging community comes together to discuss an issue, to raise awareness and to create some togetherness. This year the issue is 'Climate Change' and as part of Blog Action Day we worked with Vectortuts+ to create a very special environmentally themed desktop wallpaper, now available from their site.   Our design illustrates the changing climate situation through the concept of 'melting' and serves as a warning to start making changes now to ward off further climate problems.

Our good ol' buddies at Thunderchunky are also taking part in this special event by pulling together a load of wonderful artists and designers from around the globe to share their tips on how we, as designers, can make a difference! Have a read through their brilliant ideas!

So if you have a blog or somewhere you can spread the goodness and message of change, do it, you'll feel much better for it and so will our planet.

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Frank Zweegers said...

Great stuff you have on this website. Why did you stop posting?