Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Artful Lodger!

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark opened it's doors to 21 different artists to help them celebrate the launch of the new Volkswagen, by creating what is now one of the world's most exciting and creative hotels! Artists include (and pictured above in this order) Genevieve Gauckler, Friends With You and Rinzen. Each artist was asked to create specialised themed rooms from graphical designs to street art and Japanese Manga. The result in my eyes is very inspiring and I think this sort of project should take place a lot more often, lord know Travel Lodge could use a hand! On a serious note this opens up a lot of scope to artists and designers giving them a wonderful all encompassing canvas to work with and in turn creates a wonderful, desirable hotel for the business owners. We would give our right arm to take part in the next one, so Hotel Fox if you're listening....

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