Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How Too Doo A Chaboo!

Project Chaboo is a wonderful creative project developed by Ken Tomita of Tomita Designs, Portland Oregon.  Ken invited a diverse range of designers and fine artists to reinterpretate and customise his bamboo Chaboo design and with awesome results!  "Chaboo" was a word Ken created from the traditional Japanese word "Chabudai" which means low table. The project emerged from Ken's desire to build community and collaboration between artists, designers and consumers.  I have pictured 2 of the designs with the top image being the wonder-duo husband and wife team Apak Studios with their Chaboo titled "Coming Home" and Jennifer Mercede with her brilliant creation.   If you happened to be in Portland Between March 5-7 you can head to the exhibition at Gallery Homeland and view of all of the bamboo beauties in full glory!

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