Friday, 1 May 2009

Style Will Save Us

Ethical fashion doesn't need to mean off-white hemp t-shirts or have to be bought a "good-vibe" festival.  It also comes in the form of gorgeous, beautifully designed clothing by ethical fashion label Gorman.  "Sustainable" is a word Gorman have truly embraced and put into real action throughout their business.  Some of the positive steps they have already taken include increasing the use of sustainable yarns and fabrics, developed innovative organic fabrics such as an australian organic wool, opting for water-based printing and azo-free dyes, reduced garment packaging by 90%, switched to 100% accredited green power plus so much more.  Gorman have even extended their green values through to their customers by offering discounts to customers who ride their bikes to their stores and donating 49c to Friends Of The Earth everytime a customer rejects a bag.  All of this, plus the many other sustainable and 'green' actions they have taken make Gorman a wonderfully inspiring business model, with much more substance on their business bones then the size 0 models of the fashion industry we are used to!

On May 3rd, the Gorman 'Ship Shop', a super shipping container turned boutique (as pictured above) will be docked at the City Of Stonnington's 'Sustainable Living Expo' where inside you can learn more about ethical fashion and even try on their new 100% merino organic wool and organic collection! If you live in Melbourne, be sure to take a lovely bike round to the Ship Shop, you might need to invest in a little bike trailer to take home all of your goodies though!

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