Friday, 7 August 2009

Joseph Joseph kitchenware so nice, you need to say it twice!

I am on the constant look out for well-designed, well-conceived, colourful kitchenware that doesn't break the bank and force you to a monthly menu of baked beans and potatoes for dinner whilst you pay it off!  Then, alas, along come twin brothers, design duo Richard and Antony Joseph, and their sleek kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph. Along with beautifully shaped and coloured items, the products have been incredibly well designed and with some of the classics being re-designed.  I have featured a few of my favourites above, the ingenious wooden chopping board with the lovely catch tray below perfect for catching veg before sliding them into your pan or alternatively catching peels and offcuts for your compost!  The super little herb chopper with a blade that slides into its base for easy storage and the stack of mixing bowls and measuring cups above that would make Rainbow Brite green with envy, they just make me want to whip up a storm in the kitchen using as many bowls as possible just so I can look like some mad foodie professor!

All of the Joseph Joseph products are available from their site and are really reasonably priced ranging from £3.00 to £42.00, so no excuses for holding on to those boring chipped bowls at the bottom of your cupboard!

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