Tuesday, 11 August 2009


What more can I say!  I could lead with a lame Vanilla Ice gag but I'll spare you.  These super-fresh HipHop flavoured ice blocks brought to you by the gang at San Franciso's Gama-Go are as cool as you can get (sorry).  I want some, no I'm sorry I NEED some and now I can finally invite The Beastie boys over for that well-earned glass of lemonade.


Lia Dewi said...

wow. cool.
where i can buy in Indonesia?

thx for ur info.

Ms Unreliable said...

These are fantastic? Is there actually a tiny little mic in the mic cube? I bought Mr. U these guitar ice cubes...


And he loves them. Though he never refills them. Is that a guy thing?

Moonape said...

I'm buying this right now :)