Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Things Never Felt This Good!

Searching through the hundreds of talented artists, designers and makers on Supermarket HQ, I was struck by the felty goodness of Papaver Vert, a small creative studio in Northern California headed by the felt maestro-ess Patty Benson. Patty creates these beauties by using various techniques including crocheting and wet-felting using high quality wools and mohairs in colours bold and striking! Her caress-able range of products include (as featured above) felted vases, lovely felted-wool nesting bowls and these ever-so-squeezable podlets. There are so many more beautiful pieces to sink your eyes into on her store, I promise her felt goodies will make you feel good!

1 comment:

Tracy Kalman said...

Hi Fi! I am new to blogging but just discovered your blog-I love those felt vases! I would also love for you to comment on my brand new design blog at I am looking to get feedback on my designs for my thesis and would appreciate any comment, good or bad! I am new to blogging so I am just trying to figure out how to get exposure from design oriented people like yourself.